About Gibson Good Tools

The Story of Gibson Good Tools

Gibson Good Tools, Inc. began in the early 1930’s, in the basement of a family hardware store in Orange, MA.
Our first gripper clip was the ‘broom clip’, part #225-L. Gripper clips were sold from a small mail-order business. Early applications of our spring steel clips included uses in gardening, sporting equipment, and holding tools. Over the next two generations of ownership, several more gripper clips were designed, patented, and added to the product catalog, including the addition of our powder-coated spring steel clips.
The business is now run by the fourth generation in Savannah, Ga. Over the generations, our customers and clip applications have evolved and changed. Today, our gripper clips are used in industrial assemblies, on hospital and handicapped equipment, in recreational and emergency vehicles, for home and office storage, in the aviation and boating industries, and many other applications. What started as a small mail order business now has customers worldwide. We are pleased to offer our gripper clips directly to consumers on a small scale as we continue to supply our industrial customers.